Real Estate Listings

  • Professionalism

         When it comes to service, I bring a whatever it takes attitude to every client shoot. I have been self-employed since 1986 in businesses which are uniquely personal. Complete customer satisfaction has always been my top priority.

         Typically when a listing is requested, it is needed yesterday. Using a streamlined process, digital images can be delivered within an hour of the shoot, but normal practice is they will be available by noon of the next day through Dropbox. Images are delivered every day of the week with the exception of some holidays.

         When on-site at a client's home for a listing shoot, I realize I am representing you in my attire and mannerisms. My standard attire for appointments is business casual. I also use extreme caution while interacting with your clients. I've worked as a real estate appraiser and as a home inspector. A lot of work goes into preparing a home for sale, and the last thing I want to do is track dirt into the home. Unless it's deemed unsafe, my shoes will come off at the front door.

  • Consistency

         It's just me shooting your listings, so once I have learned your expectations and you've learned my shooting style you will receive the same consistent look with every assignment.

  • Cameras & Lenses

         For every real estate listing assignment, I bring:


    • Two professional grade Canon camera bodies
    • A range of lenses that can capture from wide-angle 11mm to a long reach 400 mm. without curved distortion.
    • Two remote flash units, and have two soft box lights and tripods in the car just in case.
    • A 12' telescoping tripod for the front of house image.
  • Preparedness

          Experience has taught me that every photography session is unpredictable. I bring everything needed for every shoot (and then some). Along with the backups of the key equipment (camera bodies, lenses, flash units) I also keep extra lighting, reflectors, little things like extra batteries just in case, and a bag of items that are typically not needed... until they are! I schedule myself with plenty of time between clients to allow for traffic and the possibility of running a little long with a client.

  • Processing

        I utilize industry standard professional-grade software to process images and video and create your listing imagery. Still images are processed using Adobe Lightroom and occasionally Adobe Photoshop. Use of Photoshop is limited to corrections to an image, not changes to hide flaws in the listing property. Video is processed with Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe Aftereffects.

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