• Stock Images

    Over the years I've captured thousands of images. In the fall of 2017 I drove around the United States capturing images of both unique items discovered and many major landmarks. In 2018 I drove another long trip around the US capturing more images along the way. I never leave home without a camera in tow, and have captured many images while I have been out and about close to home. I recently combed through my library and have selected close to 300 images to make available for purchase. A few examples are in the frame to the right. In the sections below you can see the mediums available to acquire some of my art for yourself as well as how the ordering process works.

  • Finished Prints

    Mediums for print are available in the following options:


    • Acrylic - The image is printed on museum-quality acrylic bringing depth and vibrancy to the image.
    • Metal - The Image is bonded to polished aluminum in a high-gloss finish. Ready to hang with hardware which floats the image half an inch off the wall
    • Canvas - Printed on textured canvas, your selected image becomes even more a work of art.
    • Photo Plaques - Edgeless plaques with a wooden back and a built-in easel.
  • Digital Images

    Many of the images in the gallery may be purchased for your exclusive* use. Please contact me directly so I can analyze your needs and send you a quote.


    *Exclusivity is from future sales from the agreement date forward.  Any previous print sales are grandfathered per agreement.

  • Paper Prints

    Decide which images you wish to purchase from the Gallery, and what crop and size you desire. Purchase instructions are in the How To Purchase section below. You will receive prints in the mail. Framing/mounting is up to you.

  • Gallery

    All images in the gallery are displayed as taken in a 2:3 crop. Other crops are available for most images, but in some cases only the original crop is available. Paper prints are available in any size and crop up to 20x30. Follow the Gallery link on the menu at the top of the page to view my imagery that is available for sale.

  • How To Purchase

         I handle each sale of my art as a personal transaction. With variances like crop, finish, framing, and delivery, it's near impossible to know a final price without review. I have a few of my images listed for sale on Etsy. The link below will give you an idea as to options for purchase. I also have a Facebook site where you can see random daily life images I come across.  If you see an image you wish to acquire, send me a message and I'll get right back to you.

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